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Our primary concern


Silverpoint Energy Services Inc. (“Silverpoint”), incorporated in 2019, consists of a management team and staff with over 25 years of environmental and equipment experience in the Oil and Gas industry.

Experience, process and safety make Silverpoint different. Our management and operation team were involved in the first land spraying while drilling (“LWD”) project in Alberta in 1990 and Quebec in 1997. Being involved in these operations from their infancy allowed us to create and test our stringent and detailed work procedures to ensure optimal efficiency and safety for all stakeholders involved.

Our office and field personnel work closely as a team to provide the client with clear and concise reporting, accurate regulatory submissions, analysis review and all required applications.

 For more than 30 years, Silverpoint’s management team and field staff has managed drilling waste and we have been involved in every type of disposal.

Our Team

Gerry Kerkhoff

As the President of Silverpoint, Gerry has more than 30 years’ experience in the oilfield services and environmental fields, his areas of expertise include drilling waste management planning and development, project management and supervision, construction design and supervision, environmental and liability assessments, inspection and auditing, as well as well site and pipeline reclamation and remediation.  Gerry has consulted on environmental projects throughout North America as well as South America, Australia and the Middle East.

James Devitt
VP, Sales & Marketing

James has been in the oil & gas industry for more than 20 years in many start-up companies and always in a leadership role.  James’ focus is building a client base through hard work, honesty and integrity.  James has been with Silverpoint for almost 12 years helping the company and it’s brand continue to grow.

Wade Smith
VP Operations, Environmental Division

Wade oversees all environmental operations and manages the coordination of all areas of Silverpoint’s operations, as well as numerous Fort McMurray oil sands exploration projects.  Wade has been involved with management for special approvals issued by regulators, as well as stripping site design.  He has also been instrumental in waste management suggestions and designs for many clients helping them to minimize waste and costs.  Wade was part of the team that was involved in regulation dealings for drilling waste disposal and completed the first Landspraying disposal in Quebec.  He continues to explore new ventures and “value-adding” ideas for Silverpoint.

Galin Kerkhoff
VP Operations, Equipment Services Division

With over 30 years experience in the environmental and equipment services fields, Galin currently oversees all the equipment operations for the company. Communicating with the operations, field, and maintenance supervisors to ensure that Silverpoint can supply the best trained crew with well maintained equipment in a timely, cost effective and safe manner to meet our clients needs. Galin is ever continuing to assess the changing needs of the industry to improve the client experience by implementing changes to equipment, recruiting and onboarding. All while controlling the costs for the client and company and developing a strong team atmosphere for all employees.