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Environmental Services


Silverpoint pioneered the first Landspraying While Drilling (LWD) project in Alberta and Quebec in the 1990’s and worked with the government agencies to establish regulatory criteria for LWD disposal. Silverpoint has expanded its environmental service offerings to the Oil & Gas industry throughout Western Canada building on its rich heritage of experience.


  • Landspray While Drilling (LWD).
  • Landspray (LS) After Drilling (LSAD).
  • Sump Sampling and Treatment.
  • Landspread.
  • Pump Off Operations.
  • Mix-Bury-Cover (MBC) Alberta, Residual Solids Disposal (RSD) Saskatchewan (RSD).
  • Facility Disposal Planning and Management.
  • TDL Application and Monitoring.
  • Subsurface Disposal Management.
  • High-Pressure Direction Drilling (HPDD) Waste Management.
  • Pipeline Crossings Project Management.
  • Sump Suitability Assessments.
  • Spill Management Services.
  • Disposal on Forested Public Lands Management (DFPL).
  • Advanced Mud System Management.
  • Cement Return Management.
  • Shallow Gas and CBM Project Management.
  • Oil Sand Exploration Project Management.
  • Heavy Oil Project Management.
  • SAGD Project Management.
  • Pre-disturbance Environmental Assessments and Approvals.